Auto Assault

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Massively multiplayer gaming at the wheel of your combat automobiles! Players create characters who specialize in vehicular assault, driving throu..

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Massively multiplayer gaming at the wheel of your combat automobiles!

Players create characters who specialize in vehicular assault, driving through the hostileenvironment for power, wealth, and fame,
Solo players, cooperative players, and PvP (player vs player) gamers will all find something to do, making friends (or enemies) along the way,

Take a spin through the Auto Assault universe, and here’s whatyou can expect :

  • Massively multiplayer gaming at the wheel of your combat automobiles
  • A uniquely destructible world where you can destroy everything that moves (and most things that don’t)
  • Realisticeffects! The Havok 2 physics engine makes jumping ravines, smashing through barriers, and sending buildings crumbling to the ground incredibly realistic
  • Unique mission system–level up while playing, rather than playing to levelup
  • 3 distinct player races, each with an individualized, epic mission campaign
  • Unprecedented world map system minimizes travel time and maximizes actual gameplay
  • Intricate handcrafted map generation–highways,enemies, and spontaneous world map events allow for virtually limitless replay ability
  • Highly scripted scenarios : solo, group, and common areas
  • Gain fame in the arenas, create wealth by trading, or complete missions toadvance your standing

Have you played other MMOGs before? Here’s a few more features that might interest you :

  • No heavy death penalties,
    you’ll never lose hours or days of progress
  • Road maps and airliftsystem minimize travel times, getting you to the action faster
  • Demanding action-oriented gameplay, where collision and momentum matter,
    no click-and-wait combat
  • Scripted PvE campaigns for solo and cooperative providehours of enjoyable
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    • Brand:NCsoft Corporation
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    • EAN:0892566000606
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    • ESRBAgeRating:Teen
    • Feature:Massive multiplayer gaming combines both vehicular combat and roleplaying elements
    • Feature:Interact fully with the uniquely designed dynamic environment where nearly everything can be destroyed
    • Feature :P lay more than you travel with the aid of a unique map system designed to cut down on traveling and maximize gameplay
    • Feature :P articipate in fully scripted missions designed for both groups and solo gamers
    • Feature:Experience a realistic environment with the Havok 2 physics engine
    • Format:CD-ROM
    • Genre:Action Games
    • HardwarePlatform :P c
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    • Label:NCsoft Corporation
    • LegalDisclaimer:Warranty does not cover misuse of product.
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    • Manufacturer:NCsoft Corporation
    • Model:892566000606
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    • OperatingSystem:Windows XP
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    • PartNumber:FB155W111
    • Platform:Windows XP
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    • ProductTypeName:ABIS_SOFTWARE
    • Publisher:NCsoft Corporation
    • SKU:ImportSW887
    • Studio:NCsoft Corporation
    • Title:Auto Assault
    • UPC:892566000606
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