Free email spam check software download for email spam test rate

December 6, 2012 10:43 am

As we learned in the past months the spam filters tests work in different application layers. In a single email sent from a sender to a recipient, we can analyze many possible spam engine alerting contexts:

  • Sender Network
  • Sender Address
  • Email source (html)
  • Email source (txt)
  • Content
  • Links
  • Words
  • Images
  • Percentage Text on Images

spam filter network can focus on a single context, for example SURBL lists each url contained in the email source. Many spam filtering networks are distributed and collaborative: Vipul’s Razor constantly updates a huge list of statistical signatures that can spot spam messages even though they are mutating in form and behaviour. This means that if your are spotted as a spam sender, of if your emails are signed as spam, every client in the Razor is seein your email as spam, until some one marks you as a clean sender again. Getting back from spammer status can be very hard.
For this reasons we should try to send emails as spam free as possible, and only to our mailing list subscriber. Now I analyze with Mailing Check (that incorporates SpamAssassin engine rules set, and incorporates Razor and SURBLS blocklists) the latest spam message that I received this morning: